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Whatever Coach Dave was doing in his workout to drop on the floor, and take this moment, was worth it! 

There are times in the gym when you want to give up.  When you want to get a drink of water, walk out, or cry!  How many of you have cried in a workout?  Raise your hands!  I know you are out there.  I remember the last time I did.  Effin' hot summer day.  The temp was that sticky humid 100+ degrees.  We had 800 Meter repeats and thrusters.  I hate thrusters.  I cried through every single one of them.  I got to know myself that day and what I was capable of.

You realize that the only way to get through any of our workouts is to get through to the finish.  Each rep is one rep closer to the end.  Each time you finished your rounds of wall balls this evening, you become more an more aware that your bodies were capable of so much more than what your mind said you could do.  Getting to know YOU is the first step in improvement.  From there, you finish.  You realize you have gained the confidence to attempt whatever you are doing again; the next time.


Make sure you to know yourself at PRCF! Know who you are, know what you are capable of.  The best feeling of all is finishing and rolling around on that floor! 

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