About Post Road CrossFit

Where It All Began

Post Road CrossFit

Early on in Dave's CrossFit experience he met Eric and Carla O’Brien, who own CrossFit New Haven.  Carla and Eric have a summer house in nearby Narragansett and would workout with Dave often.  They all quickly became fast friends.  Over the years, Carla, Eric and Dave would spend endless conversations out CrossFit; the proper technique of movements and how to break them down, how to best support the athletes, how to form a nurturing community, and what CrossFit ownership was really like.  Dave was hooked.

Dave traveled to New Haven for their annual Barbell For Boobs Fundraiser and Competition and also competed along side CFNH at the Beast of the East Competition last fall.  During those times, there were ideas about what a model CrossFit program and training should be and how best to go about making it happen.  Separately, they would all find themselves talking about owning a gym in Rhode Island, but where?  They knew this could work.  They decided the best location would be on North Kingstown.  

Quite a bit of those thoughts and discussions have now been brought to life.  With all of their collective knowledge and experience in coaching, programming and growing the CrossFit community, they founded Post Road CrossFit.  

Dave, Eric and Carla are extremely excited to bring this all to North Kingstown!