for 2 weeks

Fundamentals Classes $160

With the fundamentals classes, we will introduce the movements to you slowly while increasing the intensity levels.  At PRCF, we pride ourselves on safety and technique. We will not relent.

Fundamentals classes are one on one and are available during any of our current classes. You must take 6 fundamental classes and we recommend that you finish this in a 2 week span.

Have you completed The Fundamentals? Check out the membership Prices.

Membership Prices

Have you been CrossFitting Somewhere else?

If you have been CrossFitting elsewhere, we would love for you to come and take a trial calss.  If you have been in your own garage gym, we'd love to see how your movement and technique is.  An evaluation of your skills may warrant a few additional personal training sessions.  Either way, if you come in with proper technique we’ll let you know.  The intensity of our classes are a little different from your garage and the CrossFit main site workouts. We love folks wh are self starters, so come down for that trial class.